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SEDA UK Award-Accredited Teacher in Higher Education

Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan 

International Accreditation

 “Accredited Teacher in Higher Education” awarded by  The Staff & Education Development Association, ( United Kingdom) September 2003

Thinakkural Interviews the Chief Editor of the Dictionary- Cre-A Tamil-Tamil-English Dictionary

Thinakkural Interviews the Chief Editor of the Dictionary- Cre-A Tamil-Tamil-English Dictionary.

He refers my editorial contribution to Sri Lankan Tamil. 

New Universities for Sinhalese and no universities for Tamils- a newspaper article

                                          Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan

Gnanaseelan, J. (1996, January, 17).New Universities for Sinhalese and no universities for Tamils. The Island

Pope message versus Thero’s Message- A Newspaper Article

Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan
Gnanaseelan J. (2001, February, 8).Pope message versus Thero’s Message. The DailyMirror

A New Flash of Hope- a newspaper article


Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan
Gnanaseelan, J. (2001, June, 7).A New Flash of Hope. The DailyMirror

Religious Defense of Justice- a newspaper article

Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan

·         Gnanaseelan, J. (2001, April 3).Religious Defense of Justice. The DailyMirror

Linguistics Livens Up- Indian Express Interviewed Me

Sujatha Chakrabarti (2007, March 23). Linguistics Livens Up. The New Indian Express Newspaper. 

Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan

Detail of My School, University and Family Life and Examination Records

Detail of School, University and Family Life and Examination Records
Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan

Kindergarten:                                      Kilinochchi, Paranthan (1974)
 Primary Level:                                    Roman Catholic Mixed School, Murunkan, Mannar. (1975-
            Roman Catholic Mixed School, Vidathalthivu,         Mannar. (1977-1980)
 Secondary Level:                               St. Xavier's College, Mannar. (1981-1983)
                                                             St. Patrick's College, Jaffna. (1984-1985)
 Advanced Level:                               St. Joseph's O.M.I Seminary, Colombuthurai, Jaffna


G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination

Index No:                                                       33791406
Period:                                                             December, 1985
School and No:                                               St. Patrick's College, Jaffna - 6600
Center No:                                                      0079
Medium:                                                         Tamil

Subjects                                                          Grades

Tamil Language                                              Distinction
English Language                                           Credit pass
Mathematics                                                    Credit pass
Science                                                            Credit Pass
Health                                                              Credit pass
Religion (Roman Catholic)                             Distinction
Social Studies                                                 Credit Pass
Wood Work                                                    Credit Pass 
Total                                                                2Ds, 6Cs

G.C.E  Advanced Level Examination:

Index No:                                                       9285792
Period:                                                            August, 1987
Center No:                                                     0768
Centre :                                                          Chundukkuli Girls' College, Jaffna.
Medium:                                                         Tamil
Subject No                                                     Subject                                   Grade

23                                                                                           Christianity                                           A

39                                                                    Tamil                                       B
15                                                                    Logic and scientific Methods             B
11                                                                    Economics                               S
Total Marks                                                                                                   262


First Degree:
Name of Examination and Certification:    General Degree in Arts (Bachelors)
Year of Completion:                                     1993
Institution:                                                     University of Jaffna
Registration No:                                            88/A/46
Index No:                                                       A 5546
Subjects:                                                         English: Poetry, Fiction, Drama, Commonwealth                                                                                                                                             Literature
                                                                        Linguistics: Phonemic, Morphemic Analyses,
                                                                        Syntax, Applied Linguists
                                                                        Philosophy: Logic, Modern, Medieval and Greek
                                                                        Philosophy, Social Psychology  
                                                                        French as a Foreign Language
Grade of Pass:                                               Second Upper (class)
Medium:                                                         English

Course Units and Grades                             Course            Grade Points             
First Year:                                                     English            C
                                                                        Linguistics       B
                                                                        Philosophy      B
Second Year:                                                 English           B         3.0
                                                                        1.0 Fiction
                                                                        2.0 Poetry
                                                                        Linguistics      A         4.0
                                                                        1.0 Phonetics
                                                                        2.0 Phonology
                                                                        Philosophy     B         3.0

Third Year:                                                   English           B         3.0

                                                                        1.0 Drama      

                                                                        2.0 Commonwealth Literature

                                                                        Linguistics      B         3.0

                                                                        1.0 Syntax

                                                                        2.0 Applied Linguistics

                                                                        Philosophy     A         4.0

                                                                        1.0 Modern Philosophy

                                                                        2.0 Social Psychology

GPA                                                                                       20/6  =3.3             

Award                                                             Year                Institution
1. Vinasithamby
   Kanagasigam Prize
   For the Best Performance
   In English                                                     1992                University of Jaffna
2. University Prize for
    the Best Performance in General
    Degree Examination in Arts- Part-1           1990/91           University of Jaffna
3. University Prize for the
    Best Performance in General
    Degree Examination in Arts-Part-11          1992                University of Jaffna


1.Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language)
   Final Examination
   Period:                                                          1997
   Index No:                                                     EX/L/15/97 ESL 484
   Institution:                                                    University of Colombo
   Registration No:                                          97/TESL/95

Medium:                                                         English

          Subject                                                             Grade
1. Principles and Problems in Education                    C
2. Educational Psychology                                        B
3.  Educational Measurement And Evaluation            B
4. English Language and Applied Linguistics              B
5.  Special Methodology in the Teaching Of
     English as a Second Language                              B
 6. Language Arts                                                     C
 7. English Literature                                                  C
 8. Teaching Practice                                                 B
 9. Essay                                                                   B

Total                                                                           6Bs, 3Cs

 2. Master of Arts in Linguistics
   Institution:                                                               University of Keleniya
   Registration No:                                                     MA/Lin/98-99/18
   Medium:                                                                  English

  1. Introduction to Linguistics and Phonetics
  2. Phonemics and phonology
  3. Psycholinguistics and Communication Disabilities
  4. Syntax
  5. General Introduction to the Field of Historical Linguistics
  6. Applied Linguistics
Spouse Detail:  Ms. Subajana Poobalasingam Jeyaseelan
                         Born on the 8th July 1970 in Jaffna
                         Lecturer in English Language at Vavuniya Campus

3. Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education
Institution:                              University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Year:                                      February 2002-Feb 2003
Medium:                                 English
  1. Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  2. Course Design and Student Assessment
  3. Interpersonal Skill Developments and Corporative Learning
  4. Peer, Self and Student Evaluations
  5. Presentation and Seminar Skills
  6. Career Portfolio
The Staff & Education Development Association, (U.K) issued an    internationally-recognized Award of Excellence as Accredited Teacher in Higher Education based on the best performance in the above-mentioned course.

4. Master of Arts in English
   Institution:                                                               Madurai Kamaraj University
   Registration No:                                                     A2C5079808
   Medium:                                                                  English
   Completion                                                             April 2004

  1. Modern Literature 1
  2. Modern Literature 11
  3. Modern Literature 111
  4. Modern Literature 1V
  5. American Literature
  5. Shakespeare
  6. Study of the English Language
  7. Indian Writing in English

5. Master of Philosophy in English
   Institution:                                                               Madurai Kamaraj University
   Registration No:                                                     A5A6079801
   Medium:                                                                  English

  1. Rhetoric and Research Methodology
  2. Principles of Literary Criticism
  3. Translation Theory and Practice
  4. Dissertation
  5. Viva Voce
6. Master of Science in Human Security
   Institution:                                                               University of Sri Jayewardenepura
   Registration No:                                                     GS/SS/1478/2001
   Exam Index No:                                                      M.Sc./HS/004
   Date of Admission:                                                  11-10-2001                 
   Medium:                                                                  English

  1. Introduction to the Concept of Human Security
  2. Environmental Security
  3. Food Security
  4. Political Security
  5. Personal and Community Security
  6. Economic Security
  7. Health Security
  8. Synergy of Human security and Research Methodology
  9. Thesis: Farmers’ Survival Strategies in an Ethnic Conflict Situation in Two Villages of Vavuniya District
7. Doctor of Philosophy in English
   Institution:                                                               University of Madras
   Registration No:                                                     2004/0471/PHD
   Date of Admission:                                                  4-04-2006                   
   Date of Admission:                                                  26-08-2009
   Medium:                                                                  English
   Thesis:                                                                      Ethnic Conflict and International Relations in the Editorials of Sri Lankan English Newspapers: a Discourse Analysis


 1. Knowledge in using Microsoft Office packages
 2. Operative skill in the use of e-mail and Internet


TAMIL:                                                          My mother tongue
                                                                        Got B grade in my A/L examination
SINHALA:                                                     The beginner’s level at present. Learnt in my primary level education, learnt its structure in Linguistics in my B.A and M.A Studies
FRENCH:                                                       The beginner’s level


Spouse Detail:

                         Ms. Subajana Poobalasingam Jeyaseelan
                         Born on the 8th July 1970 in Jaffna
                         Lecturer in English Language at Vavuniya Campus


1. Father:  
                        Mr. Gnanaseelan Nicholapillai,
                        Born on the 2nd of January 1939 at Vidathal thivu, Mannar.
                        Died on the 15th of March, 1996 at Moor Street, Mannar due to the disease
                        High pressure
                        An agriculture instructor attached to the Department of Agriculture,
                        The National Identity Card No: 390020252V

2. Mother:      Ms.Vethanayaham Constantineenammah.
                        Born on the 21st of May, 1949 At Jaffna Town West
                        Occupied with Family responsibilities.
3. Brothers:
                                Dr. Gunaseelan Gnanaseelan
                        Born on the 9th of August, 1971
                        First younger brother.
                        General Physician and MOH, Mannar.

                                Dr. Thavaseelan Gnanaseelan

                        Born on the 16th of April 1973 at Jaffna.
                        Second younger brother.
                        MBBS completed in Wuhan, China
                        US Citizen residing in USA
                        Eng. Santhaseelan Gnanaseelan.
                        Born on the 15th of May, 1976 at Kilinochchi
                        Third younger brother.
                        Completed Civil Engineering at Peradeniya University, Kandy
                        Australian citizen residing in Australia
                        Mr. Vasanthaseelan Gnanaseelan.
                        Born on the 13th of December, 1978 at Vidathal thivu, Mannar.
                        Fourth Younger brother
            A Trained English Teacher
            Following BA Social Sciences
4. Sister:         Ms. Nancy Gnanaseelan Niskalan.
                        Born on the 18th of June 1984 at Vidathal thivu, Mannar.\
                        A Bsc graduate in Food Science and Technology
                        Graduate Trainee at the DS Office Mannar